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Spelkollektivet Scholarship Program

At Spelkollektivet, we want to encourage people to pursue their dreams of creating their own games. Through our scholarship program we are offering to help get that dream off the ground. We’re hosting up to three teams, free of charge, from February 1 to March 31.

While you’re staying at Spelkollektivet, you work, as you normally do, with your game to reach the goals set in your application. You're sharing the house with up to 50 other game developers from all over the world; it’s a creative environment where ideas and inspirations can flow freely.

Send us your application where you briefly explain your game, where in the process you presently are and where you expect to be by the end of your stay at Spelkollektivet. Your game can be for any platform and game genre. Applicants are welcome from all across the world.