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What you'll get

If selected, your team will be offered to come to Spelkollektivet for two months to work on your game with complete focus. You’ll get a full Spelkollektivet experience, including your own bedrooms and workstations in our shared offices, where you can spend your days working on your game, while at the same time learn and share ideas with a house full of other game developers.


  • Bed
  • Bedding
  • Drawers
  • Clothes rack
  • Hangers


  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Stationery
  • Printer


  • TV rooms
  • VR room
  • Gym
  • Esports room
  • Laundry room
  • Kiosk


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Coffee & tea


  • Internet (3 x 500/500)
  • Electricity
  • Utilities
  • Toiletries


  • Game jams
  • Workshops
  • Board games
  • Training sessions

You will not be alone in the house during your stay. Spelkollektivet runs 24/7 all year to provide game devs with an affordable co-living solution, and at any given time there could be lots of other developers, all working on their own projects. The monetary value of this package is roughly €1100 per person, but the true value of this shared experience is priceless.

There are no strings attached to this scholarship program. You will still own your project and have complete control over it. If you are interested, however, in getting help publishing your game, we are open to discuss extended collaboration between Spelkollektivet and your team towards the end of your two-month period.