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Welcome to Spelkollektivet!

A not-for-profit community driven co-living incubator

Spelkollektivet is the world's largest co-living and co-working space for game developers from all over the world. We provide bedrooms, offices, electricity, high-speed internet and not to forget; we have chefs cooking you meals every day of the week, Monday to Sunday.

The vision of Spelkollektivet is to build a creative space for indie game developers which transcends borders, a place where a person can spend a weekend or an entire lifetime, dedicated to fulfilling their dreams of creating games and experiences.

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Everything's included

Everything is included in the rent - breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedroom, office space, internet, electricity, furniture, and consumables such as laundry detergent.

Shared experience

You'll be sharing the experience with other awesome game developers from all over the world. And, even though you might work alone, we're still a big team that always has each other's backs.

The world's largest

With 2 400 square metres and more than 40 game developers from all over the world living in the house, Spelkollektivet is the world's largest co-living & co-working space for game developers.


What others say about us

What surprised you about Spelkollektivet?

I was surprised by how quickly Spelkollektivet felt like a home away from home!


How did your stay at Spelkollektivet help you?

Being able to meet and live with other passionate game creators gave me some great insight into the game making process I would not have had otherwise.


What did you enjoy about Spelkollektivet?

The location was great! Being able to go into the beautiful surrounding woods and countryside at any time is something I miss much more than I thought I would!

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